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  1. My name is Mu’azu Muhammad, a young advocate and activist of youth reproductive health in Nigeria. I’m very much happy about this new campaign (Answer the call) which tends to re-introduce the Abuja Call to Action in the global wake up call to investment in youth reproductive health and rights.

    I’m ever ready to support this campaign, because the (Investing in young people health and development conference) has played a significant role in shaping my stand as an activist; I’ve interacted with hundreds of young people from different countries, I make friends and also networked with most of the participants. I’ve gathered different experience, especially through workshops that I attended which were organized by IYWG, thanks for that. In line with that, I will never forget the useful resources I’ve gathered especially from IYWG including a (Disc) which I named (My Library). With that, I inspired, engaged mobilized and reached many with different life saving information about ASRHR including HIV/AIDS.

    I feel at home, when I saw your mail this morning about this great campaign; I have answered the call and I pledge to engage others. Count me in and count my support, let me be part of the Campaign….

    Waiting for your feedback on how to lay my hand on this campaign.

How are you spreading the word about Answer the Call?

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