Join us as we raise awareness around the world about the sexual and reproductive health needs of youth. Below are messages created by young people and youth advocates; share these messages on Facebook and Twitter and encourage others to get involved.  As one voice we can better ensure that the needs of young people receive the attention they deserve.

Encourage increased donor investment in youth sexual and reproductive health. Copy and paste these messages on to your Facebook wall and spread them through Twitter.

A girl in Africa is more likely to die in childbirth than go to high school. What could deserve funding more than saving lives does?

Overlooking youth sexual and reproductive health means that a large portion of the world is underserved. Ask donors to continue funding youth programs and research.

Encourage donors to invest in youth and invest in adolescent reproductive health!                           

2,500 young people will be infected with HIV today. Let donors know how much their investment is needed to improve this statistic.

Remind donors that they were once adolescents too.                                                                       

Copy and paste these messages on your Facebook wall and share them through Twitter. Tell your friends and followers that young people want youth-friendly services.

Service providers can prevent an unintended pregnancy or an HIV infection. Young people need their help!                    

5 million young people are living with HIV. Ask service providers to offer testing and counseling.

Young people need reliable information, and they want it from their health care providers.            

Young people are growing up and are sexually active. They deserve sexual and reproductive health services.

68% of young people are sexually active. Ask service providers to stop judging them.                    

Spread the word that policy-makers should increase their focus on youth. Copy and paste these messages on your Facebook wall and share them through Twitter.

Girls ages 10-14 are five times more likely to die in pregnancy or childbirth than older women are. Policy can save a girl’s life.

462 million young people live on less than $2.00 a day. What did you spend $2 on today?              

16 and pregnant; ask policy-makers, “what’s wrong with this picture?”                                           

Participation is a guiding principle of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. #Youth should be involved in policy decisions.

Ask policy-makers to put themselves in young people’s shoes.