In 2008, 550 people from around the world participated in a conference on youth health and development in Abuja, Nigeria. One of the outcomes of the meeting was the “Abuja Call to Action,” which calls for governments, donors, and civil society to increase investment in young people.

Through Answer the Call, we hope to generate renewed energy and commitment to meeting the goals outlined in the Call to Action. Youth around the world face daunting challenges, and dedicated attention to their health and development was never more critical.

We need your help!  As one collective voice, we can better ensure that the world begins to pay more attention. We want to harness the power of social media for this cause, so on this website you will find advocacy messages developed by young people and professionals in the field of youth sexual and reproductive health. Please spread the word: post these messages, or some of your own, on Facebook and Twitter and encourage others to get involved.